Tidy Up Your Pivot Table by Removing Errors

We all know how great Excel Pivot Tables are but sometimes they’re not the most beautiful things to look at. In particular, a Pivot Table with lots of #NULL!, #DIV/0! or #N/A values in it can reduce its appeal very rapidly.

You CAN fix this!

By right clicking on your Pivot Table and selecting PivotTable Options, you can tell your pivot table to show something else when he/she computes an error.

See the screen shot below that shows the ‘Layout & Format’ tab. After ticking the box ‘For error values show:’ you are given the option to type into the box to the right of it. We suggest you leave the box blank so that all errors just disappear but you can enter anything you wish in here and that will be show instead of the errors.


ExcelChamps have a great post called 10 Basic Tips For Customizing Your Pivot Table. Worth a read!

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