About Us

ExcelTeacher.com started out as a project for sharing knowledge of the Excel application. While there are a number of online resources which offer great advice on how to get the best out of certain functions, or the ‘right’ way to learn or use Excel, we felt that most of these tended to lean towards the more advanced operations, or to keep things too simple.

We also felt that while Excel and analysis can sometimes feel a little dry, there was room on the internet for light relief and incredibly bad spreadsheet related puns. So ExcelTeacher was born. Content is a little thin on the ground at the moment, so bear with us as we fill the menu with links that go nowhere at all. Hopefully it won’t take long to grow a community and a knowledge base to rival Chandoo, Ron de Bruijn, and some of other favourite excellers!





AB is an analyst and Excel professional who spends his days using Excel to separate the wheat from the chaff in all things data.

CMH is an analyst and Excel professional who sits opposite him, and tries to show off his cool code at any opportunity.

SB is the smug box. It’s where we make payments if the other one thinks the code isn’t actually cool at all.